Residential Lawn Care - Utah

Phillips Turf Farm are your local landscapers in UT offering the best in class residential lawn care services in UT. Since our genesis in 1987, we have catered hundreds of residential lawns in UT with our excellent yard care service at affordable rates.

We at Phillips Turf Farm offer a specialist lawn care services essentially taking the know-how from our vast experience and reworking it to suit the domestic environment. A lot of the lawns that we take on initially are regeneration projects, so they are declining lawns for one reason or another, and we turn them into something to be proud of. Our quality lawn sprinklers, lawn fertilizers, and lawn mowing services which are second to none. In UT, our lawn care services include a proficient line of lawn sprinklers such as water sprinkler, garden sprinkler, Hunter sprinklers, tractor sprinklers. We control them with state of the art modern irrigation controllers which allow you to choose the type of irrigation and the amount of water to be provided to your residential lawns. We offer the top-notch garden irrigation system such as a sprinkler system or drip system which not only saves water but also helps your lawn to grow quickly.

We aim to create healthy, lush green weed free lawns all over UT. We work hard to give excellent service and apply our expert knowledge and wealth of experience to enhance your garden. Many of our clients in UT are quite surprised at the high-quality; prompt service we're able to deliver - from taking customer inquiries in an efficient and professional manner, to providing the work timely and according to what has been agreed. Our premium class organic lawn care and lawn treatment service are prompt, guaranteed and highly affordable.