Residential Lawn Care - Utah

Residential Lawn Care

Phillips Turf Farm are your local landscapers in UT offering the best in class residential lawn care services in UT. Since our genesis in 1987, we have catered hundreds of residential lawns in UT with our excellent yard care service at affordable rates.

Commercial Lawn Care - Utah

Commercial Lawn Care

Phillips Turf Farm have a wide range of commercial lawn services and industrial landscape clients, including banks, office complexes, fast food restaurants, and schools. Whatever kind of commercial property you have in Utah, our skilled can offer you with a nicely customized commercial yard service for your landscape.

Sodding Services - Utah

Sodding Services

Whether you require sod for a new construction project, a particular area of your existing lawn care, or completely starting your lawn over, Phillips Turf Farm has the capability to handle all of your sod installation needs. Since our inception, we have catered to a huge number of customers in Utah from residential as well as commercial areas of Utah.

Turf Installation - Utah

Turf Installation

Phillips Turf Farm is the leading suppliers and installers of the highest quality fake grass and garden surfaces within the Utah area. Available for front and back lawns, schools, gardens, and nurseries, Astroturf sports pitches and multi-play areas throughout all of Utah and the surrounding area.

Best Grass Seed - Utah

Best Grass Seed

The most important considerations in establishing a new lawn are soil quality, drainage, seedbed preparation, and choice of seed, fertility, and moisture. If you choose the seeding services from us for your lawn, Phillips Turf Farm will offer you the reliable, hassle-free and best quality seeding services in UT.