Phillips Turf Farm is one of the UT's oldest established lawn treatment providers, treating Utah lawns since 1987. The Phillips Turf Farm offers a reasonably priced, specialist lawn care service treating customers' lawns with a bespoke feed and weed compound to gain a deep-green, weed-free lawn.

Here at Phillips Turf Farm, we believe there is lots of satisfaction and enjoyment to be had from looking out onto a well-kept garden free of weeds and moss. But achieving the dream can be tricky and time-consuming. That's why over a large number of customers turn to Phillips Turf Farm as their lawn care expert to offer the perfect lawn. Phillips Turf Farm uses best-quality products with 'no scorch' technology - no need to water. These modern technologies are combined with time-release granules that offer a steady supply of nitrogen so as not to produce just a surge growth but also providing a long-lasting, greening to your lawn. Our lawn care and lawn maintenance treatments in UT are safe for children, pets and plants and our service often work out cheaper than doing it yourself!

We also provide specialist scarification, aeration and over seeding services to ensure your lawn remains strong and healthy all year round. We at Phillips Turf Farm offer a broad range of services such as scarifying, hollow tine lawn aeration, overseeding, lawn renovation, lawn sprinklers, lawn fertilizer, lawn maintenance, sodding services, turf installation offering best grass seed and much more. At the Phillips Turf Farm, we pride ourselves on the quality of the lawn care service we offer in UT. We are very passionate about lawns; we will not cut corners and promise to provide your lawn with the best care and attention it deserves.