Best Grass Seed - Utah

The most important considerations in establishing a new lawn are soil quality, drainage, seedbed preparation, and choice of seed, fertility, and moisture. If you choose the seeding services from us for your lawn, Phillips Turf Farm will offer you the reliable, hassle-free and best quality seeding services in UT.

In UT, we offer the best in class grass seeds, winter grass seeds which are fast growing. We also utilize pasture grass seed, best grass seed for shade which is quick growing. If you choose to seed your lawn in the spring, start the seeding process just as soon as the soil is quite dry to begin the seeding. This will give your new grass time to get well established before the hot, dry weather sets in. Our skilled staff of professionals avoids steep slopes or terraces where water may erode or wash away topsoil. We mix peat moss or composted manure into your topsoil for top results.

It pays to select best quality seed. It is also wise to pick a mixture of at least two or three turfgrass species by your requirements. This will depend on the sun as well as shade conditions. We use a mechanical spreader, although small areas are hand seeded. Our skilled seeding experts distribute the seed as evenly as possible, applying half the seed traveling back and forth. Proper intense care is given to your lawn and attention is provided which it helps to grow properly and remain the same for many coming years. Phillips Turf Farm seed installation crew members are delighted to provide you expert service of turf laying in and around UT that will make your garden lively within some time and also without many struggles